Flappy Bird was the #1 app all over the world for about 10 days before the creator, Dong Nguyen said he would take it down because he "cannot take this any more." (link)

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning wants to buy Flappy Bird. We promise, this is not a stunt, just like Dong Nguyen threatening to remove it from the app store was not a stunt.

We are prepared to offer a very large sum in exchange for the code and rights to the game and characters.


Why should Mr. Nguyen sell to us?
  1. We love Flappy Bird and want to keep it free
  2. Many listeners of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning didn't hear about Flappy Bird until it was too late
  3. We want to be able to challenge friends who never downloaded it
  4. We'd like to make spin-off such as "Big Flappy Al."
  5. We have additional ideas to make Flappy Bird even more popular and fun!
  6. Through our parent company, YEA Networks, we have the patience and team to keep Flappy Bird supported and working for years. We want your children to play Flappy Bird one day too!
  7. With the average annual wage in Vietnam at only $1800, we believe Dong has made enough from Flappy Bird to last a very long time. With our purchase of Flappy Bird, he and his family will be set for life.

Here are some videos showing how much people love and miss Flappy Bird! (Some have adult lyrics)